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Does Your Facility Take Insurance?

Yes. We are an ABA Therapy Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have In Home ABA and Clinic ABA.

What Credentials Do Your Therapists Have?

We have several BCBA's and BCaBA's on staff. All of our therapists are Registered Behavior Therapists.

Do You Offer Community and Independent Living Skills?

Yes. We work with your child in many community environments to help your child become independent and integrate into the community.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special challenges, and we value the opportunity to create an individualized program that will best serve your childs needs along with those of the family.

When Can I Enroll My Child?

We are open year round. We accept clients any time. Call for a free tour.

24811 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, TX 77494